Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination



eri (come with me)
eri (and we'll be)
erp4p4p4pi (in a world of pure imagination)

eri (take a look)
erY (and you'll see)
yterereq (into your imagination)

eri (we'll begin)
eri (with a spin)
er (Traveling in)
p4p4p4pi (The world of my creation)
eru (What we'll see)
iou (Will defy)
ytro (Explanation)

p4p4ppiy (If you want to view paradise)
yuyuyeri (Simply look around and view it)
p4p4piop (Anything you want to, do it)
ioioi (Want to change the world?)
weqwe (There's nothing to it)

eri (there is no)
eri (life I know)
erp4p4p4pi (to compare with pure imagination)
eru (living there)
iou (you'll be free)
ytrower (if you truly wish to be)

repeat last two stanzas

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