Daft Punk- Emotion (work in progress)

I play with two instances of key bored open, both on orchestral harp with one on the qwerty+1 keymap, and the other on the qwerty-1 keymap, but you can do whatever you want:

Chord progression:

(ad)(sf)(af)(sg) (ad)(sf)(af)(sg) (ad)(sf)(af)(sg) (ad)(sf)(af)(sg) (ad)(sf)(af)(sg) (ad)(sf)(af)(sg)


(zc)(xv)(zv)(xb) (zc)(xv)(zv)(xb) (zc)(xv)(zv)(xb) (zc)(xv)(zv)(xb) (zc)(xv)(zv)(xb) (zc)(xv)(zv)(xb)

While playing the chords, play "y o i" or "h l k" to simulate "emotion"

Original song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMeaDJny954

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